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Why Choose Brummett Injury Lawyers?

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We know you might have reviewed several law firms to represent you regarding your personal injury claim. We want to tell you why you can stop looking for a Nashville personal injury attorney now that you have found Brummett Injury Lawyers.

Personal Injury attorneys in Nashville, TN

Free Consultations

We do not charge you for your first visit. Our lawyers understand that being injured in an accident can create a financial hardship for your family. Brummett Injury Lawyers in Nashville are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to competent legal advice when they need help the most. That is why we offer free consultations as part of our commitment to serving our community.

We Take Your Injuries Seriously

You are not just another client or case file. We want to help you heal after being injured by a negligent or careless party by taking as much stress off your shoulders as possible. We handle every aspect of your personal injury case so you can focus on your recovery. We work closely with your health care providers to gather information about your injuries, including any permanent impairments, so that we can maximize the compensation you receive for your injury claim.

Effective Negotiating Skills

Insurance adjusters are highly-trained, skilled professionals who work for the insurance company. They do not work for you! Our lawyers are effective and skilled negotiators. They understand the true value of your claim. They also understand how to use the facts and circumstances of your case to negotiate a fair and just settlement for your injury claim while maximizing the value of your claim. We use our skills to get you the money you need as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We Aren't Afraid to Fight for You

Most personal injury cases are settled without filing a lawsuit. However, our Nashville personal injury attorneys are talented, aggressive trial litigators. If your case goes to trial, you can be sure that we will fight just as aggressively inside the courtroom as outside of the courtroom. When an insurance company refuses to negotiate a fair settlement, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit, if that is necessary to protect our client. Insurance companies know which attorneys settle cases to avoid trials. They know Brummett Injury Lawyers are not afraid to go to court.

We Protect Our Clients

In addition to fighting for our clients, we also protect our clients from aggressive insurance adjusters and claims representatives who try to pressure our clients into settling their case for an amount that is much lower than the claim is worth. We protect clients from insurance tactics designed to undervalue and deny valid insurance claims, such as pressuring accident victims to provide written or recorded statements and sign medical release forms. Do not let an insurance adjuster convince you that you do not need an attorney — that is just another insurance tactic. Let Brummett Injury Lawyers protect you and your family after a tragic accident that was not your fault.

Approachable and Compassionate to Our Clients’ Needs

When you meet with a lawyer, you need to feel comfortable to ask questions. You need to know that your attorney cares about you and your needs instead of being focused on attorney’s fees, costs, and compensation. Our first priority is the well-being and the health of our clients. We are here for you whenever you have a concern or question. We prioritize client service, including effective and ongoing communication with our clients. If you have an issue, all you need to do is call your attorney.


If you do not need an attorney to handle your case, we will tell you. However, that is rare. Most accident victims benefit from the assistance of a Nashville personal injury attorney. We are honest with you about the chances you have of winning a case by explaining the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You can trust that when Brummett Injury Lawyers tell you that you should settle your case or your case needs to go to trial that they are truly acting in your best interest.

Great Reputation in The Legal Community

Brummett Injury Lawyers are well-respected members of the Tennessee legal community. We receive referrals from other lawyers and law firms throughout Tennessee, which is the best compliment we can receive from our peers.

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